Elementary Farming

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You have reached the official website for Coltivazione Elementare, which translates as “Elementary Farming” or “Elementary Horticulture” or “Elementary Cultivation”. This unique approach is also known as the “Non-Metodo Cappello” (or NMC), which is built on a lack of intervention. The website aims to present this simple yet revolutionary farming practice, which was devised and shared by Gian Carlo Cappello after an entire lifetime experimenting in the field. The website brings together existing material on the subject, gradually adding information and providing those who want to find out more with all the relevant reference links.

Happy Elementary Farming!

“Elementary Farming takes farming right back to where we found it: in the generous hands of Mother Nature.” 

The innovative “non-method” embraced by Elementary Farming, and developed during Gian Carlo Cappello’s decades of experience in the field, reflects a more advanced interpretation of the “do-nothing” philosophy conceived by Japanese farmer Masanobu Fukuoka half a century ago. Elementary Farming enables us to cultivate land for our own nutritional needs, maintaining the earth’s natural balance and respecting all forms of life, without exception. This type of farming occurs alongside natural growth cycles and takes us back to living “from” the countryside rather than simply “in” the countryside.


– We NEVER work the soil, including the surface soil and when first planting on the land;

– We do NOT alter the soil profile with raised beds, pallets or anything else;

– We do NOT use fertilisers, pesticides, soil improvers, herbicides or other chemical, organic or homeopathic preparations;

– We do NOT use crop rotation, green manure, cover crops, varietal intercropping, composting, spatial planning or scheduling;

– We do NOT use automatic irrigation equipment, not even for large areas;

– We do NOT adopt a dogmatic approach when it comes to choosing new or old varieties of seeds.



– We maintain the natural balance of the earth and of the cultivation setting;
– We believe crops grow as a result of the equilibrium in the biosphere;
– We try to make the plants we grow as “wild” and perennial as possible;

– We appreciate the value of wild grass both as a living plant and as hay for mulch;

– We believe that so-called “diseases” are natural processes to restore a balance that the rational mind cannot understand;

– We plant and sow neatly, making “nests” or rows in the mulch;

– We promote change and inner growth; we hone our intuition, our senses, our innate wisdom and our intrinsic creative ability to solve problems;

– We support food self-sufficiency and look to go beyond the capitalist economy;

– We encourage new participants who share these principles to get involved.