Respectful Pruning of the Olive Tree

The olive tree is a monument to humanity, to civilization. Yet the search for profit has reduced it almost everywhere to an oil machine … with the consequences that we all know: fly, xylella, cancer and so on. The practice of respectful pruning restores peace between us and this plant patriarch.

Who said that the olive tree is a plant predisposed in itself to get sick? The situation has worsened over time with the increasing mechanization of harvesting and pruning operations, the use of fertilizers, the automation of irrigation systems, soil tillage, weeding, pesticide treatments, and methods of reproduction. In short, the forcing. All in an environment already at high levels of general pollution. All this is no longer in sync with the placid, wise, patriarchal and matriarchal nature of the Olive Tree. Talking about pruning itself does not make sense without framing the whole of cultivation and our relationship with the plant and the land.

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