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Book: “La Civiltà dell’Orto. La Coltivazione Elementare”

FB page: La Civiltà dell’Orto. La Coltivazione Elementare -IL LIBRO

FB group: La Civiltà dell’orto. La Coltivazione Elementare. “Non-Medodo Cappello”

FB profile: Gian Carlo Cappello

YouTube channel: Gian Carlo Cappello-Agricoltura Elementare

Vimeo channel: Gian Carlo Cappello

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-If you wish to deepen your knownledge about Elementary Cultivation, a translation of the book “The Vegetable Garden Civilisation. Elementary Cultivation” will be available soon. Otherwise you can find the Italian version “La Civiltà dell’Orto. La Coltivazione Elementare” (ed. L’Età dell’Acquario). Other ways to learn more are Gian Carlo Cappello’s seminaries, articles (found in the Publications section) and didactic videos (found in the Video section).

-If you wish ask a question about Elementary Cultivation you can join the dedicated FB group: a serene and welcoming space for thousands of Elementary cultivators to share their knownledge and experiences.