Gian Carlo Cappello

Gian Carlo Cappello was born in Milan in 1957. By his very nature, he doesn’t like to be tied down to a single country. Having graduated in agriculture in 1977, he is the author of the book “La Civiltà dell’Orto.La Coltivazione Elementare” (Vegetable Garden Civilisation: Elementary Farming). He has decades of professional experience in Italy, South Africa, Australia, China, North America, Russia, Libya, Portugal and the Netherlands. For more than 10 years, Gian Carlo has been an agricultural consultant for RAI, Italy’s national broadcasting company, and since 2006, he has been dedicating much of his time to experimental horticulture with significant results on methods associated with organic farming.

A promoter of “happy degrowth”, he takes his own approach, commonly known as “Coltivazione Elementare – Non-Metodo Cappello“, or “Elementary Farming – The Cappello Non-Method”, to those aiming for food self-sufficiency: ecovillages, communities, shared vegetable gardens, educational vegetable gardens, associations, etc. In 1978, he also graduated as a “Specialised Arborist” in olive growing and developed his own method known as “Respectful Olive Tree Pruning“. Gian Carlo also carries out a significant number of training activities.

For over a decade, he has chosen to follow a cruelty-free diet.