Conferences and Interviews

A great amount of work was put into gathering all the historic and contemporary video – memory of Gian Carlo Cappello contributions about the coltivation “Non-method” which he conceived and championed after a whole life of on-field experimentation.

Each video of his conferences and intervetions are regularly uploaded and updated for free on the YouTube channel: Gian Carlo Cappello – Elementary Coltivation.

Those who own a bit of land which they are cultivating or are planning to cultivate, should spend a few hours with Gian Carlo Cappello. Conferences and Interviews At this point in history where human behaviour has proven to be fallacious it is time to change our path by starting to follow Mother Nature and Her millenary teaching. Conferences and Interviews Respecting others in order to be respected is the one fundamental rule that Mother Nature is expecting from us”. (Ermete Marcello Trimegisto)

Conferenza di Gian Carlo Cappello presso Associazione SalusBellatrix (Cappella Maggiore, TV), 13 novembre 2019


Intervista di Silvana Maria Rosso a Gian Carlo Cappello, 18 aprile 2020


Gian Carlo Cappello: una Vita Elementare.
Intervista di Francesco Tassone (canale YouTube Anima Green), 26 ottobre 2020

Intervista a Gian Carlo Cappello per Circolo Culturale “P. L. Ighina” a cura di Valentino Gastaldello, trasmessa in diretta su Gamma Radio Cinque nella rubrica “Il coraggio delle idee” il 23/11/2020